Songs . Remixes . Video


Some songs I wrote and produced.


A few remodelings I did of some tracks.

Audio for Video

Here are some examples of audio work I have done for video.

Droid Commercial - Music and Sound Design

A total sound replacement project where I did all the sound design as well as composed/produced the score. Obviously, I claim no rights to any of the images or brands portrayed in this video.

Hugo Scene - Sound Design

A project where I partnered with composer, Noga Rotem, to completely redesign the sound and score in this scene from Martin Scorsese's Hugo. I did all of the sound you hear in the video aside from the music, which was composed and produced by Noga.

The Dark Knight - Sound Design & Music Editing

This is a complete sound replacement for a hybrid scene from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Night. I designed all the sound and spotted a new score from an external source. The music is "Odyssey Rescue" by M83, composed for the film Oblivion. I also did a little bit of voice acting!

The Christmas Gift - Score

The Christmas Gift is a short film produced by ChivalrousDead Productions. I composed and produced the score.

(Misc) Moore High School Marching Band Pre-Show

Not exactly made "for video," but this was a piece I did for the Moore HS marching band as they walk out onto the football field for their halftime performance. I composed and produced it.