PW-468 Songwriter Submission

3 Original Songs


Verse 1
We come and go just like the wind
The grass still grows without an end
And you and I, we both know that
We are worth it
Look to the morning forget the past
Life is a moment make it last


I know you're broken in
All this disorder
And yes, life is short, but
These feelings are shorter

And if there's one thing
That I have learned,
It's that love doesn't have
To be purchased or earned

Verse 2
You best ignore these inadequacies
Don't let them tell you what you ought to be
Listen here cause I swear it dear, you are good enough
Nothing really matters now that push comes to shove
Fight everything that makes you feel so diseased
Lift your eyes to the sunrise and your skin to the summer breeze

Look how far you’ve come

Just hold on (x3)

This is a song I wrote a while back when Greater Estates was a 4 piece, and not just a solo endeavor. The chord structure was something our guitarist had written. So for the lyrics and melody, I basically toplined the whole thing, while also doing some arranging.


Chorus 1
Oh the world was once the wind
And I but a feather
Floating and falling
And doing my best at forestalling

The days to unfold, which turned out to hold
Something of a treasure
And she makes all of my days better

As the cold cold air
Turns my knuckles white
The skins cracks and it starts to bleed
As I realize

That every day's like winter
And while I’m quite fond of the snow
She is a fire, burning ever brighter
And igniting my very soul

Pre Chorus
So I'll drive these one hundred miles
A hundred times more
Cause every rotation takes me
closer to her door

Chorus 2
While the world will always turn
She refused to stay tethered
Unlike me whose courage seems
To always falter so easily

That every step leaves me scared to death
But there's nothing we can't weather
Cause she makes all of my days better

She's wiser than me
Oh she shines brighter than me
And she does it all so

She's the only one that I want to hold
Cause with her in my arms my heart is whole

Chorus 3
The truth is that I could sing
Songs until forever
But no words weaved together in tune
Could ever portray, let alone prove
That the way this feels is much more than real
But there truly is no measure
Cause she has made all of my days better

Plain and simple, this is a song written out of love for my girlfriend. Very original, I know, but I wanted the central focus of this to be something completely rooted in a simple, universal truth.
That's how I arrived at the refrain line. I wanted it to be a very concrete statement and not just an abstract idea.


Verse 1
It was summer three years ago
Your hair was red for a time
Not chemistry, we had energy
And you caught more than my eye

I knew it then - you would make my days better
I just had to make you mine
“Well what were you waiting for?"
You said, "There won’t be a better time"

Pre Chorus
I know the day is coming
When we will say our vows
But that don’t mean that we can't
Say this now

Let’s never not hang out
I wanna date you forever
Let’s never not be apart
And keep crushing together

20 years, 30 years
I don’t care how old
With you there’s nothing better
I wanna date you forever

Verse 2
I don’t think that I’ve said enough
How much you mean to me love
Because truthfully, you’re everything
And you know loving you is fun

You know I’m not a rich man
But with our heart beats in sync
There's nothin that we need

I know we're not making plans
But if you are free
Do you think that you could chill with me?

This song actually started as my final project for a songwriting class at Berklee. We were essentially given free reign to write any kind of song we wanted, and I wanted to try my hand and see if I could write a sugar-coated, Top 40 pop song. I was so proud of how it turned out, I decided to produce a full demo by myself this summer.

5 Concept Ideas


Verse 1
By nothing more than light of the moon,
The boy swore they would be home soon
Deep down he was much less sure
Cause for the trees they couldn’t see the woods anymore

But their search for light went on all night
And eventually the daylight shone
By the sun shinin down the two finally found their way home
She said, “None of it mattered once the morning broke"

Verse 2
Confident they’d be okay
She packed up and took a job far away
The phone calls soon became sparse
And this night of her soul looked pretty dark

The weeks turned to months, she was about to give up
But then there came a knock on the door
From down on a knee he said, “Let’s never be apart anymore."
Yeah, none of it mattered once the morning broke

Folks always say the night is darkest before the dawn
Well I don't believe that's the case
If you look to the east I swear you'll see the morning sun
And you'll see it coming a mile away

Verse 3
For the 3rd night in a row
He woke up in a sweat for reasons unknown
"What if no one remembers me?" He thought
Existence on the whole was starting to look bleak

Bleary eyed, a photo by his side
The little one he adores
That’s when all his fears ceased to be concerns anymore
None of it mattered once the morning broke

This concept is almost completely done, but it still could use some tweaking. I want this verse-refrain to be something that gains weight with each verse. Right now the 3rd verse is a little heavy-handed with the existential stuff, but the general idea is there.


Verse 1
get a sense of your scent,
I'm intoxicated
A parking lot sunset
Reminds me of you

I get a sense we weren't meant to be
So why didn't I

Pre Chorus
Ain’t it funny how we used to love each other?
Ain’t it strange how we change?

How carelessly we would breathe
When we were seventeen
When every second was a circle
Every moment was eternal

In fairness, we had yet seen
The grass ain’t always green
How I wish we would have loved
A little more carefully

Verse 2
I get a sense that you don't
Think about me much
But now you're always on my mind
And that's not the way it was

I should have been more aware
You should have looked before you leapt
But our hearts were goin’ a mile a minute
And they weren’t about to take a rest

Here is a song in a minor key, which is not often my go-to tonality. The concept comes from the idea of how recklessly we can rush into something so delicate as an intimate relationship when we're younger. And then the flip-side, which is how after said relationship ends, the two participants become nothing more than strangers.


Verse 1
Nothing like knowing the words to the song
It feels like coming home after you’ve been gone
The way every single syllable just slides right off your tongue
There’s nothing like knowing the words to the song

There’s nothin’ like when the sun hangs low in the West
It’s like the whole wide world is laying down for a rest
Like seeing all the wonders in the universe coalesce
There’s nothin’ like when the sun hangs low in the West

I'm not here to say it'll always be
Smooth sailing In fact calm seas never made
A worthy captain
But don't be afraid
Enjoy the beauty of the waves
And say amen

Verse 2
Nothin like the smile on the girl I love
It illuminates the planets that got no sun
Radiating warmth and as contagious as the come
Nothing like the smile on the girl I love

This idea comes from a cadence! One day I was just reflecting on the plageal IV to I cadence, and how relaxing it can feel. This inspired me to just write other simple things that bring about peace and calm. Keeping with that simple theme, I decided I wanted to write the B section on a blues, which isn't something I do very often.


Verse 1
I'm having the hardest time
Understanding what's been missin
And I'm growing sick and tired
Of these blank pages that I see

Oh I'm addicted to the feeling I get
When everything comes alive
But as of late, nothing feels awake
No matter how I try

I lost her/someone a little while ago
I don’t know where she went
Lady Melody is a fickle muse
I hope I find her again

Verse 2
I'm having the hardest time
Understanding that this isn't fiction
How can certain frequencies
Have an effect on me physically?

I’m addicted to this feeling I get
When the music begins to play
I just hope that you don’t
Notice I’m just a fake

Of all the concepts, this one is probably the least far along, but with the most potential. I really like the melodies and lyrics I have, but it feels like it's missing something crucial. This struggle might be fitting because the lyrics are about this struggle between how much I love music and how difficult creating it can be.


Verse 1
Take me back to the chords I know
This anxious livin's putting aches in my bones
I can hear the future callin
But can't you see the sky is fallin down?

Pre Chorus
If you’re not flowing the way you feel you should
Just keep on going till the going gets good

Not every swing’s gonna be a hit
Not every shot is going in
But never ever stop cause
That pain and progress coexist

Just remember: you’re braver
Than you believe
So take a beat before you call it quits
Cause sometimes you're gonna swing and miss

Verse 2
I've lived that 9 to 5,
And what scares me to death is it keeps me alive
That's the thing about dollar signs
They sure know how to make the good life shine

This is the most recent concept I've been working on. On this tune, I started with the chords, and I really liked how they sounded. It turns out though, sometimes trying to fit lyrics and melody into chords you don't want to change is a tough way to go about things. I think it's turning out okay, but some of the parts are a little wordy.