Cody Carson is a songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist from Oklahoma City, OK. Always having felt that writing bios about himself in the third person was a bit strange, Cody decided to make this one a bit more natural. It is my website after all. 

Humble Beginnings

From the moment I was put into piano lessons in the first grade, I've always had an affinity for things melodious and harmonic. However, it wasn't until high school when I joined up with a real rock 'n' roll band that my affinity blossomed into true love. Yes, like all facets of high school, The Transit Message certainly had it's moments upon which I look back and cringe. But the inspiration, fulfillment, and pure joy I got from writing, recording, and performing music opened up my world. Music could be more than a hobby. It could be a career.

As often is the case with high school rock bands, once college life set in, we drifted apart and eventually broke up. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new act was formed in late 2011 known as Greater Estates - an act where I was the primary songwriter/front man. In addition to Greater Estates, my undergraduate years became an explosion of diversity in the musical arena. I played keys in professional Christian worship bands. I did sound design for an entirely live lip-synched skit 3 years in a row. I scored a few short films & trailers (I also acted in one as a zombie, which isn’t relevant, but it’s neat). Music was every where, and I was dead set on figuring out how to keep doing it. 

A Shift in Perspective

So before my final summer as an undergraduate business student, I made the decision to ship out to Los Angeles and see what I could find in the way of internships. With very few contacts to begin with, cold calls and emails became my tickets to what eventually became a summer on the west coast. I interned with 5 Alarm Music and Brushfire Records, which were very different but equally enriching experiences. I learned so much about the industry (like the importance of having interns around to send on food runs), but I learned more about myself. I learned that for me, true happiness was going to be found in a recording studio or a writers’ room - not a spreadsheet. 

One songwriter told me that summer, “Nobody cares out here if you have this degree or that degree. People just care if you’re good.” With that in mind, I decided I was going to do everything in my power to become as good as I can possibly be. So I began looking at places I could go to learn how to be the best I could be. Through that search, I found Berklee - an institution that has proven time and again that if I’m willing to put in the effort, my craft can be honed. After a gut-wrenching audition process, I found out I had potential (a significant notch on the belt of self-esteem), and I was admitted. 

Today & Tomorrow

Since arriving in Boston in August 2014, things have changed a bit, musically. Any work I do with collaborators back in Oklahoma now takes place via file-sharing. Greater Estates has become something of a solo project. However, though old projects may fade or change, new projects come to life. My most recent venture has been playing keyboards for an indie folk-rock band called The Solars. As of November 2015, we have some brand new songs you should check out! 

I also couldn't be happier with my educational journey. Berklee is helping to shape me as a more efficient and professional producer & songwriter. I'm learning new techniques all the time, and am constantly creating new things, whether they be songs, produced tracks, or weird robot noises for a project I might be sound designing.  I love being able to be involved in all of these facets of music and sound. I hope this diversity will afford me a variety of opportunities in the future, whether they be writing pop tunes or making sound effects!



Cody performing with Greater Estates 

At: Conservatory, Oklahoma City